Planned Giving

Think of the future.
Think Carnegie Museums.

You can achieve your personal financial goals and leave a legacy of support for Carnegie Museums—and our community—by using various legal and tax strategies to plan a gift to Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh. And we’d like to help you!


Did you know that, through a planned gift to Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, you can:

  • Make a deferred gift by including the museums in your will.
  • Avoid or postpone capital gains tax.
  • Give yourself or someone you love a life income that may be greater than that earned by current investments.
  • Reduce gift and estate taxes on assets passing to your heirs.
  • Diversity your portfolio without incurring capital gains taxes on sale of assets.
  • Avoid double taxation on IRA or retirement plan assets and U.S. savings bonds in your estate.
  • Give Carnegie Museums an interest in your home while continuing to live there, and receive an immediate income tax deduction.
Once you have decided to make a significant gift to CMP, you need to consider the best way to fund the gift. If it is necessary to use an asset other than cash or publicly-traded stock to fund all or part of the gift, then you might want to consider some of the possibilities in What’s the best asset to give? If you now receive income from the assets you are planning to give, you might consider one of the life income gifts. If you need to defer all or part of your gift, you may wish to make a bequest to Carnegie Museums.

If you are considering the best way to give to Carnegie Museums, we would be happy to work with you and your advisors to fashion a gift to meet your needs. Please call Sally Davoren at 412.578.2478 or email


The purpose of this web page is to provide information of a general nature only. Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh is not engaged in providing legal or tax advice. Advice from legal and tax counsel should be sought when considering a charitable gift of any type.