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A Treasure Trove for Teachers.

We know you have a big job—and we’re here to help. Our online resources for educators focus on cross-curricular ideas and creative, active ways to enhance classroom and textbook learning, and helping educators and students think in new ways. We pride ourselves on being active partners with educators and schools. So please see what we can do, together, to help you help your students.



The Warhol hosts an innovative online curriculum site jam-packed with downloadable lesson plans and cool resources that help teachers use art to excite kids in so many different classes.

At Carnegie Museum of Art, interdisciplinary programs focus on careful looking, analysis, and interpretation of original works of art. Discussion-centered gallery talks, writing exercises, and studio art experiences guide students in the methods of analytical and critical thinking and problem-solving, providing them with skills essential to becoming savvy navigators of 21st-century life.


The Science Center and our IMAX® distributors have developed a variety of downloadable resources to help you connect your lesson plan with what’s happening in onsite at the Science Center. Downloads, web links, and activities are all available in one place.


Teachers can borrow unique objects, background information, activities, lesson plans, even audio-visual materials through the Museum of Natural History’s Educational Loan Program. In an effort to help elementary students build literacy skills, more than 30 different topical boxes contain multiple copies of relevant children’s literature.