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Bring your class.
We’ll take care of the rest.

Break out of the classroom and show students science and art in settings that will keep them interested, and maybe even inspire them. Tens of thousands of regional students use our museums each year for experiential learning that changes lives and inspires careers in the arts and sciences.


altCarnegie Science Center is a living science-learning lab. Make your next field trip a blockbuster with science-themed movie in the IMAX theater, or give your kids a lesson in anatomy at UPMC SportsWorks. You can use the curriculum connections tool as a guide or design your own field trip. Your students will have so much fun, they won’t even know they’re learning.


Let art bring all kinds of subjects alive for your classes. In-depth, student-centered guided gallery tours at the Museum of Art focus on themes such as visions of America, Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania, art and writing, civics and government, and looking and learning in context.


At the Museum of Natural History, students turn crime scene investigator by learning about technology often used in DNA fingerprinting and crime labs. Guided tours of the entire museum are also available for field trips.


Spend a half-day at The Warhol in workshops where your students will employ Polaroids, video, writing, and sound archives to explore Andy Warhol’s art. Or arrange an onsite visit where your class can enjoy studio activities, such as silkscreen printing, or headier stuff like interpretive writing and debate.