Educator & School Programs

Really reach your students.

Our specialty is imaginative, student-centered programming across all disciplines, with an eye on helping you meet national and state academic standards. Call us up. Invite us in. Through a whole list of educational outreach programs, we’ll reach you and your students in meaningful, memorable ways.


altCarnegie Science Center’s Science on the Road and the Museum of Natural History’s Science on Stage reach more than 300,000 kids a year in schools throughout southwestern Pennsylvania and well beyond. And these science-themed, in-classroom and auditorium shows aren’t just innovative and fun; they meet national and state education standards, so you can integrate them into your lesson plans.


The Science Center is a powerhouse of diverse outreach programming, offering something for everyone: a math and science program targeted specifically to middle school girls; a neighborhood-based science program designed to empower Pittsburgh youth in the natural sciences and address the need for meaningful youth job skill development; and an intensive year-round exploration program for middle school students and their families.


altCarnegie Museum of Art wants to work with you to create art-related learning experiences for your classes—the kind that go well beyond the art class. How about a history lesson using the museum’s vast collections as your textbook? Or a writing class using an impressionist painting as your inspiration?


There’s a big bag of mobile and online Earth-science lessons at the Museum of Natural History, including the museum’s Distance Learning Programs that allow students and teachers to interact with museum educators and scientists through videoconferencing. And at the museum’s Powdermill Nature Reserve in the Laurel Highlands, students can explore nature up-close-and-personal year-round.


It’s not easy to get middle-school and high-school kids engaged. Let the education staff at The Warhol reach out to your students in fun and provocative ways through unique educational outreach.