For Children

Out-of-home experiences.
The chance for homeschoolers to branch out.

No need to convert your kitchen into part science lab, part art studio. We have it covered. Our programs foster the personal engagement that made you choose home schooling to begin with. Our museums are also perfect places for children to socialize with peers while learning about the world around them.


Your children can explore the creative process, develop artistic skills, and experiment with art materials at the Museum of Art. Projects are focused on themes designed for various age levels and to build sequentially over time.


Your K-8 can children explore the world of insects, roots and shoots, and learn how to raising a tipi and other survival tricks. Activities at Carnegie Museum of Natural History are designed especially for enhancing the inquiry skills of homeschoolers.


Homeschoolers can learn how to build a robot with Legos and get prepped for winter by exploring the frozen world of snow, dry ice, and liquid nitrogen. From humanoids to motorized cars, imagination is the only limit at the Science Center. Don’t let your independent learner miss tackling science inside our science lab designed especially for kids.