For Children

We’re in a class all our own.
And we invite your kids to join us!

altWorld-famous artists and scientists were inspired as kids while taking classes at our museums. Mike Fincke, now a NASA astronaut, credits Buhl Planetarium for giving him the power to see beyond his hometown of Ellsworth, Pa., all the way to the far stretches of the universe. And Duane Michaels, a world-renowned photographer, has never forgotten the feeling of freedom he got while sketching and painting at Carnegie Museum of Art’s Saturday art classes. It’s a feeling kids never forget. And it’s the kind of inspiration and fun that stay with a child for a lifetime!


altChildren’s art classes aren’t about becoming an artist: they’re about being a kid. From gallery play dates for preschoolers, to family art making, to our longstanding Saturday art classes, we have art classes and activities for every child at Carnegie Museum of Art. And at The Warhol, don’t forget to check out The Factory—a time for families and individuals of all ages to explore art The Warhol way.


altIt’s not rocket science: Kids love dinosaurs, and fire crackers, and lizards, and star gazing, and rockets, and star fish, and things that move around in crazy directions. And the science behind all the things kids love really can be fun. And they are—at classes created just for kids at Carnegie Museum of Natural History and Carnegie Science Center.