Member Policies

If you have questions about the policies listed below, please contact the Membership Department at 412.622.3314 or at

Getting a Membership

You can list two cardholders on Dual, Family, and Premium memberships. Cardholders don't have to live in the same household, but they should be at least 18 years of age. All mailings will be sent to one address, including membership card(s), CARNEGIE magazine, and renewal notices.


If your membership includes children (ages 3-18), you can bring whomever you would like: next-door neighbors, visiting family members, or friends. Children 12 and older can visit on their own, but children under 12 must visit with an adult. Kids under 3 visit free.

Adult children over 18 are not considered children on your membership. If you would like your adult children to visit, just give us a call. We are good at finding creative solutions, but we can't change the fact that the kids are all grown up!

Bringing Guests

We encourage you to visit often and share the museums with loved ones. Premium members can bring eight guests each time. Family members can bring four children as guests and one adult guest if only one cardholder is present. Dual members can bring a guest if only one cardholder is present. If you aren't sure how many guests you can bring, just give us a call!

Guests can't visit without a cardholder or designated caregiver, since memberships aren't transferable.


You may not always be able to take your kids to the museums, so you can designate a caregiver (Family & Premium). You can have one caregiver at a time and he/she must visit with children. At the Premium level, a caregiver may bring adult guests as long as one child is present.

Membership Cards

altYou will receive one card with the names of all cardholders. Dual, Family, and Premium members can request a second card.

If you lose your card, you can contact us for a replacement. We reserve the right to limit the number of times that member cards and caregiver cards will be replaced per year.

Take your membership mobile!

You can get your mobile membership card here. If you have any questions, please email


Backpacks can cause a bit of a problem in the galleries, so we encourage you to leave them at home or store them in one of our lockers.

Field Trips/Group Visits

Free membership admission does not apply to group visits and field trips, since additional programming expenses are related to these visits.

Making Changes

Sometimes life happens and you need to make a change. Contact us and we will do our very best to help you. Change happens here too. We reserve the right to change these benefits and policies at any time.