Our Museums

Research and Discovery

You never know what we’ll dig up next.

We’re always working to increase our sum of knowledge, whether it takes a few months or 50 million years.

The Science of the Earth

At Carnegie Museum of Natural History, our world-renowned scientists—anthropologists, botanists, biologists, paleontologists, geologists—travel the globe excavating, investigating, and discovering new species. And that’s when they’re not digging up new information about old species that go back millions of years.

  The Study of Art

At the Museum of Art and The Andy Warhol Museum, our curators and archivists are explorers in their own right—playing both art historians and contemporary art excavators. It you’re doing your own art research, check out our art museums’ online archive information.

  The Science of the Stars

Are you a backyard astronomer? Carnegie Science Center’s Buhl Planetarium offers a wealth of resources about your favorite celestial bodies.