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Individually impressive. Collectively incredible.

Carnegie Museums is home to some of the most extensive, historically significant and artistically brilliant collections in the world.  From fossils and artifacts of eons ago to contemporary works of art, there are new and old worlds to explore in the collections of Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Carnegie Museum of Art, and The Andy Warhol Museum.


alt…and bugs, dinosaur bones, North American Indian artifacts, and Egyptian pottery. Want to explore the Carnegie Museum of Natural’s vast collections online? There are more than 100,000 objects to view. Explore here.


altDid you know you can search the collections of Carnegie Museum of Art online? The museum boasts more than 30,770 objects, including paintings, sculpture, decorative arts objects, works on paper, architectural objects and records, and thousands of images in the Teenie Harris photographic archive. Take a look.


altAndy Warhol himself was a master collector, as his collection of 610 “time capsules” (i.e. cardboard boxes that Warhol filled with daily mementos and incidentals) will attest. And you’ll find those Time Capsules, as well as 12,000 works of art by pop-art original Andy Warhol, at The Andy Warhol Museum.  There are paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, sculpture, film, videotapes, and more. Learn more about the museum’s strange and wonderful collection.